Piano Tuning

Get your piano sounding great.
Piano tuning is the most common service that pianos need. Pianos go out of tune because the strings lose their tension over time which changes the pitch, making notes sound unpleasant or ‘wrong’. Piano are tuned by adjusting each note to the correct pitch using a tool called a tuning hammer, which turns a pin […]


Sticking keys, broken strings, and more.
Because pianos are made up of thousands of moving parts, over time some of these parts can become worn, broken, or damaged. Common repairs for pianos are sticking keys, broken strings, broken hammers, cracked key ivories, dampers ringing, pedals squeaking, loose or missing action parts, and many many more. Many of these repairs (eg. dampers […]


Remove dust, marks, and other stains.
After a while, pianos lose their shine from when they were first bought. Pianos can become dusty and marked, particularly inside the case on upright pianos and under the strings on grands. All sorts of items can be found down inside a piano, sometimes making it difficult to play. These issues occur¬† especially if there […]


Buying or selling? Let us tell you the value
When looking to buy or sell a second-hand piano, it is important to know the actual value of the instrument so a fair price is agreed on. Much of the time, the value of a piano is either overestimated or underestimated, with the price mainly being based on the cosmetic appearance of the piano. This […]


Piano feel uneven or not quite right?
Over time a pianos touch can become uneven, heavy, or difficult to control and require servicing. The precisely regulated parts of a piano action begin to fall out of sync and can make the keys and action feel spongy and sluggish. Adjusting the action and dampers of a piano, called regulation, is the process of […]


Unleash the full sound of your piano
Voicing, also known as toning, allows the pianos sound to reach its highest potential. We ‘voice’ a piano by shaping the hammers sound through making the tone brighter or darker, and changing the by the attack and decay of the note. This is achieved by filing hammers to remove grooves, using tools to needle the […]